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Design of custom cutting tools

Tools according to your specifications

AFFUT-MILL offers the service of designing special and custom high-precision cutting tools. Thanks to our expertise, we can develop innovative solutions and offer you even more effective tools. We also design tools that can combine several operations. Our CNC machines allow us to develop custom-made tools specifically adapted to your application. Our know-how is built on 3 generations of experience, and we have often improved and perfected tools to bring real innovations to our customers.

We work with you in the design, implementation and testing processes to deploy an optimal solution.

Are you looking for
a special tool?
Do you have a particular idea or need?
Send us a sketch and we will make the tool for you!
Did you know?
A group of researchers at McGill University in Montreal are using tools manufactured by Affut-Mill in research aimed at determining the performance of various tools made with different materials. Affut-Mill is proud to collaboratde in the advancement of knowledge on cutting tools.